Who are We?

We at You Are Not Alone (affectionately known as YANA) are a group of teenage girls, some of whom have gone through some of the very issues we here are trying to help with. We, along with some adult mentors, want to help socially isolated or bullied students reach out by using this website to prompt one on one conversations, share a positive outlook, and empower others to stand up for themselves.

About Us

Allison (Izzy) - the Project Director. "Hey, I'm Izzy - I'm a basketball player. I'm the person in charge of the 'Temptations' page. I think it's fascinating how we sometimes focus on the victim and not the bully."

Brittany - the Creative & Content Director. "I was homeschooled before going to highschool, where I'm now a sophomore. I love to read and write - my ambition in life is to publish my writing someday. I work on the website and the overall design of the website."

Darayzhia - the Hustler. "I am 16 years old. I attend Christ the Kind College Prepatory High School. I am a Junior. My hobbies are being energetic, for example running track or bike riding."

Rynazhae - the Visionary. "Hey, I'm Rynazhae. I'm a dancer and in theatre. I'm working on the chat group. I chose this section because I have struggled and sometimes still struggle with depression, anxiety and self harm and I realized I started getting better when I started talking to people and opening up."